The world is a little darker today!

The world is a little darker today!

I am an artist, a creator. I try a bunch of different mediums, I have found I am best behind a camera, behind a pen or a brush, behind a computer. I have not been able to open up enough with my self to be great at writing music, singing things I’ve written. I find it the hardest and most personal form of self-expression. Today is a little bit darker hearing of the loss of Linkin Parks front man Chester. He was the best at just that. Writing his feelings into songs. Screaming all of his frustration out. You may not like his music or be a fan of that kind of music. But if you are a fan of art of any kind or all kinds like me you can really notice the difference between just a singer or a real recording artist which he was. The same day OJ gets granted parole, Chester lost his will to survive in this world. His messages of pain and struggle in his music will live on to help others who struggle with the day to day, letting them scream it out over his lyrics.  I end with this, Let’s remember all the beauty in this world, All the wonders all the questions that need to be answered. Let’s remember there is always light with in the dark its how you focus that dark energy that could mean the difference between life and death. Focus on that light, see where it may take you. You may create something that will live on forever, in a song, a photo, a drawing. We are only what we leave behind, make your message a good one.

The sun will set for you today Chester!


How instagram perfected social on mobile.

We have all been there, had a few seconds in line at the store or felt like you where going blind looking at your screen at work and tack a second to grab your phone and what do you do? You check your insta feed. As our lives get broken down more by seconds then minutes a quick glance of that image or watching a persons story to kill some time enables you to get caught up on your social fix in between everything else like its second nature. I find my self facebooking less (boring content, most all of its ads and less and less of my friends are posting on there.) One single picture is worth a 1000 words, combined with quick stories and clever tags, Instagram has become a great way for the digital age to express it’s self, communicate and reach out to people who inspire you.

Why is this import to know? Well if you can reach your community you can effectively reach your audience. Me personally i just want to send good vibes out into this mixed up world. If one of my photos from an adventure inspires someone else, im happy!


Jason @moyerdesignart