Three Faces

This is a fun one, it was done with marker on paper mounted on foam core and bordered with this cardstock. I don’t have an image of the final product. I believe my brother has this piece somewhere. It would be cool to pull it out from where ever it is hiding and take a look at it again. 

The Girlie Vector Project

The Girlie Vector Project

I want to start with, I’ve never been good at naming any of my art projects. The first thing that comes to mind is usually what I name it and then I can find it cuz I don’t remember what I named it. This project was no exception as it has a horrible name and that’s what it was filed under. 

This project started in adobe illustrator as an idea for a silhouette concept. I wanted something that was the most simplistic piece of art that could be turned into a stencil for various things. It even ended up becoming a tattoo, one of the first I did on myself. I remember doing several versions then using that finished version in all kinds of fun art project. I have posted the original art and then a canvas  I had painted it on. 

Jason Moyer

p.s. if you can come up with a good name that I like, ill name it that…..