1978 DODGE B200
5.9L CDI 360 

This true MOPAR survivor is a beast. I have owned this van for years now. Taken her on lots of camping trips, road explorations and just driving around. She’s loud and mean, at the drive-in theater no one parks next to us. Out on the open highway in the middle of nowhere listing to the loud purr of this beast is an absolute dream. The photos down below with the for sale sign are from the day I bought her. Since then I have rebuilt brakes, new motor mounts & trans mount, battery, all new belts & hoses, new ignition system, transmission safety switch, new windshield whipper motor, pop out rear windows, interior lighting, found all little dash trim and vent pieces, even found an original snack trey for the dog house. I took many of junk yards to find the dog house hardware but found it. Put blood and sweat into keeping this beast on the road! VIDEOS AND PHOTOS BELLOW. 

For Sale $4,000.00,  Cash only, AS IS, No Low Ballers, No Tire Kickers.
here is a screenshot of its smog history.



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