This is one hell of a “Coincidence”!

I am not sure how I fell about the believing or not believing in “coincidence”s. I never really thought of it before, never saw a direct and random link like this before. I say that because what I am about to share with you is truly strange if you really think about it. So here we go, tell me what you think “coincidence” or some random act of fate?

So where do I begin? Let’s start with right now and how I came upon this little unknown fact. Now, the second day being home from Palm Springs, where this last weekend my brother got married at this place called Casa Cody. It was an epic 4-day desert party, so I’m still a bit foggy now. Just getting to the numerous amounts of photos I took during this monumental trip. Blazing heat to spring showers, pool parties, and beers, crafted cocktails with fancy dinners, all with celebrations into the night every night! Finally having a second to start editing some photos I came across this one I took of the historical plaque mounted by the front gate of the hotel.  Now you need to know that I did not read this when I was there. NOPE, just thought it was cool looking and someone might want it for a wedding photos album. I just walked by and snapped one of the numerous photos I had taken this past weekend. I figured it read it later, well, it’s later now. I just read it. Why is this significant you ask? (you probably read the photo before this.) Well, my Dad lives in Cody Wyoming. A small town that is known for being the “Gate Way to Yellowstone”. Also as the town founded by William FrederickBuffalo BillCody. Well if you read the photo above we learned that my brother’s wedding location was founded by his cousin Harriet Cody. My dad was not able to make the wedding but now I kinda feel like from some random cosmic extended “coincidence” he was kinda there. I mean it’s 2017 and he saw the whole thing on facetime or facebook live anyway.

So what do you think? Am I seeing connections that are there or just a random bit of small town history coincidence?