For the past year i have been working part time at a local brewery here in San Luis Obispo named Bang The Drum Brewing. This is where i really started to learn and enjoy learning about craft beer. I found it to be liquid design, i fun and very creative craft that you can let your imagination run wild with. I was very fortunate to get to work with and become friends with our master brewer Jermey Flemming. His attention to detail and creative enthusiasm with what he is making is inspiring. I ask as many questions as i can as often as i can and get to teach the people who come in about the beer, how it was made and with what it was made. I get to share with people that the board in the brewery is not a scary thing if you have no idea what the info on it means and how IPA and other crafty terms for craft beer are not all the same so you need to try them all and find the one that fits your palate.

I highly suggest if you are travel through the central coast to come in have a seat and ask about our beers. Its always fun to chat about beer.

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