Jason Moyer

Adventurer, Photographer, & Professional Creative

About Jason

From Newport Beach, currently living in San Luis Obispo exploring the central coast of California. I worked in marketing for 15 years before moving to the central coast with a primary focus on branding and design. Once moving to the central coast I found a love for craft beer. Follow me on Instagram @moyerdesignart to keep up with my current explorations. 


A Wine Makers Tool's

A collection of images of a winemakers tools. These fine art photographs show an interesting perspective on the equipment used in winemaking. 

This is the first of many collections in the “TOOLS OF THE TRADE” series. 


To Do It Right, Get Out Side

Content creation cant be done stuck in an office. You must get out, Spend the time scouting, planning and filming even for just a 5 second clip. 

Some Favorite Shots