Jason Moyer

Design & Photography

About Jason

From Newport Beach, currently living in San Luis Obispo exploring the central coast of California. I worked in marketing for 15 years before moving to the central coast with a primary focus on branding and design. Once moving to the central coast I found a love for craft beer. Follow me on Instagram @moyerdesignart to keep up with my current explorations. 

A Wine Makers Tool's

A collection of images of winemakers tools. These fine art photographs show an interesting perspective on the equipment used in winemaking.

This is the first of many collections in the “TOOLS OF THE TRADE” series.


Amber Ale Brew Day

A fun quick video of the brewing process. 


Fig + Hailee

Where to start? I never really photograph engagements or weddings. Photography and all art forms are very personal things for the creator and the viewers. During some events emotions run high and communication break downs can happen easily. This makes it impossible...

Seeing the “Bigger Picture”

Photography is more than just snapping a photo. It takes a special eye not just to know when and where to take the photo but then to see the full potential of the image after it has been taken.   MoyerDesignArt

Some Favorite Shots